VMA Communications, Inc.

Delivering Communications Solutions to Public Policy Issues

VMA Communications, Inc. is a strategic communications firm that specializes in developing policy-driven public affairs programs. VMA provides expertise in tactical communications, media relations, issue management and community engagement on public policy issues. We create a platform for our clients to tell their story methodically and transparently, to ensure messaging is clear and crisp. We also engage and empower stakeholders to participate in the public process and be a part of the policy solution. VMA’s policy expertise includes education, transportation, health care, tribal issues, resources and human services. VMA utilizes proven, culturally competent models implemented to enhance the quality of life in the communities we serve.

Project Spotlight

California High Speed Rail

California High Speed Rail

Working to develop the first true high-speed rail system in the country, VMA is helping to transform transportation in the U.S. Since 2003, VMA has led the California High-Speed Rail Authority’s communications effort in Southern California, while also providing critical outreach counsel with the establishment of the Authority’s statewide Small Business Program. Through a massive, comprehensive communications program that includes stakeholder outreach, community engagement, coalition building and government affairs coordinated with regional transportation agencies, cities and MPOs throughout the region, VMA is working to help deliver the 800-mile statewide system, with trains running at 220 mph, which will connect all of California’s urban centers.

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